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You are visiting New York for your own fantasy vacation and you also would like to take in a minimum of one Broadway program. You have checked into the costs of these programs and are shocked at just how much they cost therefore you will have a couple of choices. You can either purchase off … Continue reading “Getting Broadway, Concert, and Also Sporting Tickets at Reasonable Prices”

You are visiting New York for your own fantasy vacation and you also would like to take in a minimum of one Broadway program. You have checked into the costs of these programs and are shocked at just how much they cost therefore you will have a couple of choices. You can either purchase off broadway tickets to see another program or you may try to find broadway show tickets for a more affordable selling price. Quite a few opt for the second and turn to Headline Tickets ( when they do. Even though they supply discount off broadway tickets, the tickets are truly for headline productions. The broadway theater tickets supplied through Headline Tickets ( can be purchased free of charges to help reduce the price yet you’ll still see a spectacular show. Select from a range of programs, such as Broadway, Cirque Du Soleil, Festivals, and even Opera. The seats enable you to check out shows including Les Miserables, Little Shop of Horrors, and Developing Dreams and you will have an enjoyable experience while there. What’s more, you may reap the benefits of programs inside additional metropolitan areas, like Toronto or perhaps Chicago and all seats will be secured so you know you receive what you are investing in. Not merely will your tickets arrive promptly, in the event the program is canceled for any reason without a reschedule date, you’re going to get a refund. You cannot lose in this case. In order to make your getaway perfect in every area, the business now offers entry to live performance and even sporting events tickets. You will find you simply need to utilize the 1 business to plan your personal activities from a to z. Do you dream about seeing the Giants play while in the city and have you always dreamed of experiencing a Yankees game? Doing so at an affordable price is now less difficult due to this provider. Regardless of what kinds of seat tickets you are searching for, whether it’s to an NHL squad or anything else, make contact with the business to find affordable professional sports seats. Since the firm is BBB approved and also veteran owned, you know you’ll be able to rely on this firm to take care of you reasonably at each and every point of the activity. End your trip through taking in a concert. Pick from Bluegrass, Rock, and Jazz among the numerous others. While you are on the site, make sure to check out the coupon code provided from the company because doing so enables you to help save even more. To make sure you are obtaining the best total price, you’ll want to look into the price after fees and delivery happen to be added. When you do, you’ll see that this company offers the lowest price all around. With many different seats to pick from, among them those to Broadway programs and also major sporting events, your vacation is sure to be wonderful in every manner and you will never pay a fortune to make certain this is the scenario.

NinthBeat Launches Social Marketplace for Musicians to Buy and Sell Equipment


(New York, NY)– Musicians agree, there hasn’t been an easy way for them to sell and purchase equipment. While there are websites that can facilitate sales, the websites don’t focus on their needs and may not be safe to use as there is no protection for the seller or the buyer. This means it can be difficult for a musician to find the equipment needed for a reasonable price or to sell equipment which is no longer need.

NinthBeat recently launched their website, a social marketplace for musicians. The website caters to musicians and their needs to provide a safe place to buy and sell equipment. The website is designed to be user-friendly and to help any musician who is looking for new equipment find what they need easily.

Spokesperson David Chang stated, “We guarantee all of the transactions and have no hidden fees for the purchases. We provide a simple platform for buying and selling musical equipment and we are the only social marketplace available that does so.”

The launch event, described by the company as “epic,” was held at lower east side’s Bowery Ballroom and included artists in New York and across the nation. There were more than 500 musicians in attendance and the event was considered a huge success.

The NinthBeat website contains listings for a variety of music equipment, including guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, amps, and pedals. Musicians can browse or search the site to find exactly what they need and see the price. The buyer can then submit an offer to the seller or buy at asking price. If the buyer submits an offer, the seller has 48 hours to respond. The seller must ship within 3 business days with tracking and insurance.

NinthBeat takes a 7% cut from each transaction, and there are no other hidden fees. Once the seller agrees to the price, the payment is put into escrow and held until 3 days after the product has been delivered. The buyer is protected from items that were not delivered or that does not match the description and the tracking requirement protects the seller. 

Along with selling or buying products, musicians can join in the community to ask questions or connect with other musicians from across the country. The website is more than just a selling platform, it’s also a social website to help facilitate conversations between musicians and help them find the answers to any questions they may have about music equipment.

About NinthBeat:

NinthBeat is a company evolving the way musicians can buy and sell musical equipment. The company strives to connect musicians through a dedicated social marketplace that makes it easier and safer for those who want to buy or sell equipment. NinthBeat protects all of the transactions done through their website and only charge a flat rate fee for the services with no hidden fees. Their mission is to make the experience seamless, safe, fun, and to lower the high costs experienced with using many online marketplaces.

Media Contact:

David Chang

223 East 30th St. New York, NY 10016

(646) 598-9935